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Love It Roundup

So I thought it could be good to share some things besides my photography on here, stuff from around the web that brought a smile to my face.

Is this the most creative card you’ve ever seen? It could be used as an apology, or I guess as a really horrible way to break up with someone. Oblation Papers has tons of hilarious ones (spotted via, appropriately, the Spotted Fox).

Dreamy light and colored bottles via Pinterest (originally from

Magnificent ocelot alebrije from Solmar Imports.

Dad jokes. From here, although I’m sure you could trace it further.

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Iphoneography: Wild West by Instagram

-road through Death Valley-

-dried cactus spines detail-

-aerial of mountains, east of Vegas-

-Alabama Hills area (Lone Pine, CA)-

-Las Vegas strip-


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Blue eyes. Green eyes?

I’ve noticed my last few posts have been a little distant. Surreal landscapes? Fire in the sky? Abstract leaves, for goodness’ sake? Just to nip that trend in the bud before it runs away from me and before I know it I have a blog full of cold, impersonal stuff, I decided to challenge myself in the opposite direction.

Depending on your philosophy on photography I guess there are more personal things you can do than self-portraits, but I’m not going to nitpick.

Self-portraits it is.

Self-portrait of my feets. Menswear-inspired pieces with an older feel to them are big favorites; these shoes are a new find and they are so comfy and wonderful I’m considering sleeping in them.

This one feels almost more “cultural portrait” (a la travel magazines) to me than it does “beauty shot”. I love how my eyes turned out  kind of strange and intense.


Death Valley 2: the dunes

Hope everyone had an awesome, restful, lovely time over Christmas. I’ve been on hiatus for a couple weeks for the holidays, but I am back back back and have some awesome stuff stored up to share with y’all!

First up: Death Valley, Part 2.

The atmosphere in Death Valley is so strange and special. It alternates between moody and surreal, familiar and surprising – and this is just along the main highway that runs through. I’d love to have a chance to return sometime and get into the more well-known landscapes (hello, how ridiculous could this get during the right sunrise?).

My co-worker was awesome enough to wake up at butt o’clock with me on our drive back so we’d have some sunrise time in Death Valley on the way out.

Our last big stop was at these dunes. They’re surrounded by mountains and scrubby desert, so it’s pretty bizarre to see this pile of dunes just dropped in the middle there.

It’s funny because I usually find myself doing more small, detail-oriented photography, but I’d been hoping for a chance to push myself with landscapes a little more. Death Valley made it all but impossible not to!

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Death Valley

Business travel took me through Death Valley this week. We were fortunate enough to hit Zabriskie Point right at sunset; the views were breathtaking. The second one here reminds me of a moonscape.

Death Valley is beautiful, surreal and a little overwhelming. Also: it is full of French people. Apparently the French cannot get enough of the American West, because we encountered at least 600 of them.*


*Fact: this is not true. We saw about 5.

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iphoneography 1

As much as I adore my big mama dog SLR camera, I’ve been really enjoying playing around with what the iphone camera can do lately. These clouds above RDU were too unreal – I think the “turn off electronic devices” thing may have gone off, but I couldn’t resist.

Rhum punch and water at Tap Tap Haitian restaurant in Miami. Highly recommended.

Joy, the angelic border collie I dogsat earlier this summer.

I was just really impressed with how this one turned out. I was snapping a picture of some carrots in Whole Foods to text to some friends and it wound up being a personal favorite.

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leaves + fall + camera

Last week I did a portrait shoot for my best friend’s husband for the book he’s about to publish. As I waited/got my camera settings together I started playing with the fall leaves, which got me going on a little photographic tangent that’s been on and off since then.

I love how these dogwood leaves turned out… like the tips are dripping from the rest of the tree or reaching out at me.

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first one, no pressure

I’ve never been much of a fan of the introductory post, where I feel like I’m supposed to write about what my blog is going to be about (there’s an “about” section for that!) and maybe sound a little sentimental and generally blog about blogging.

So in favor of skipping that nightmare (minus the fact that I just blogged about blogging about blogging – stick that in your pipe and smoke it), I’m just jumping into it with some photos of a summer adventure.

The Highland Games, in the North Carolina mountains, were a great way to kick off the summer for a couple of girls who think there’s nothing funnier than walking around doing terrible Scottish accents.

Fish & Chips

Highlands garb was everywhere… we were weird for not being in tartan.

Elizabeth tearing into some haggis.

I have to share a story about these border collies. A shepherd was out there doing a sheep-dogs show in this field, which was mostly an impressive demonstration of how well-attuned border collies can be to their master and how precisely they can, you know, herd sheep.

I say mostly because there was one dog/puppy, Meg, who was a ballistic missile of random movement. Meg could not keep a lid on it. Shepherd Guy would blow his Precise Whistle Codes, and while the other dogs would stop, start, turn on a dime and do whatever he asked them to, Meg pretty much alternated between sporadic prancing and blasting, canon ball-like, directly at the sheep. Which got her put back on the leash after Shepherd Guy realized she was No Help. She just kept looking up at him like, “come on, Dad, I can take these sheep! I can do this!”

I think Meg was happier than anyone else there.

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