Nice to meet you.

My name is Kit. I love dogs, fresh peaches, Basque music and Mexican folk art. I twitch a little when I haven’t been on an airplane in more than two months.

I started blogging during my expat adventure in Basque Country (which you can read here). Then, when I moved back to my hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, I promised myself I’d give America the same open approach I’d given Bilbao. I’d say yes to weekend trips, yes to checking out new museums, concerts and places to eat. Yes to being, from time to time, a tourist in my own country.

I’ve heard people say, “put the camera away; you’re missing the moment!” Sometimes, making photographs is the joy of the moment.

This blog is for those moments.

Why “armadillo azul”?

I love alebrijes, those little fantastical, wildly-colored carved creatures from Oaxaca. Armadillo azul, the blue armadillo, is my little alebrije here.

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