Blue eyes. Green eyes?

I’ve noticed my last few posts have been a little distant. Surreal landscapes? Fire in the sky? Abstract leaves, for goodness’ sake? Just to nip that trend in the bud before it runs away from me and before I know it I have a blog full of cold, impersonal stuff, I decided to challenge myself in the opposite direction.

Depending on your philosophy on photography I guess there are more personal things you can do than self-portraits, but I’m not going to nitpick.

Self-portraits it is.

Self-portrait of my feets. Menswear-inspired pieces with an older feel to them are big favorites; these shoes are a new find and they are so comfy and wonderful I’m considering sleeping in them.

This one feels almost more “cultural portrait” (a la travel magazines) to me than it does “beauty shot”. I love how my eyes turned out  kind of strange and intense.

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2 thoughts on “Blue eyes. Green eyes?

  1. I want your shoes. You would have a field day in España right now.

    • Kit says:

      Ha! I actually first noticed that trend in Spain (or, you know, “Iberia”). It’s just taken me till now to find a pair that worked/wasn’t $200.

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