Death Valley 2: the dunes

Hope everyone had an awesome, restful, lovely time over Christmas. I’ve been on hiatus for a couple weeks for the holidays, but I am back back back and have some awesome stuff stored up to share with y’all!

First up: Death Valley, Part 2.

The atmosphere in Death Valley is so strange and special. It alternates between moody and surreal, familiar and surprising – and this is just along the main highway that runs through. I’d love to have a chance to return sometime and get into the more well-known landscapes (hello, how ridiculous could this get during the right sunrise?).

My co-worker was awesome enough to wake up at butt o’clock with me on our drive back so we’d have some sunrise time in Death Valley on the way out.

Our last big stop was at these dunes. They’re surrounded by mountains and scrubby desert, so it’s pretty bizarre to see this pile of dunes just dropped in the middle there.

It’s funny because I usually find myself doing more small, detail-oriented photography, but I’d been hoping for a chance to push myself with landscapes a little more. Death Valley made it all but impossible not to!

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2 thoughts on “Death Valley 2: the dunes

  1. That first one with the sun glare is awesome. You can almost feel the dryness of the air.

  2. Kit says:

    thank you! It was at least that dry, I promise.

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